By input and output arrangements, GC-series marine gearbox can be divided into four series, that is, GCS/GCST/GCSE series, GCH/GCHT/GCHE series, GCD series and GCC series, which matching engine and CPP to form main propulsion system of ship, widely used in cargo, oil and container vessels. Control pneumatically or electrically. Main features: 1. Possess functions of clutch & de-clutching, speed reduction and bearing propeller thrust; 2. Modular design, with PTO and PTI functions; 3. Alternative structure to meet engine room arrangement requirement; 4. Mature and reliable hydraulic control series to satisfy control request on gearbox conditions and multiple clutches; 5. Apply mechanical and automatic control, realizing local emergent control and remote control of the gearbox; 6. Non-standard design is available on request; 7. CPP distributor could be installed at front end of gearbox output on demand.

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