2GWH-series (Twin-engine Parallel Operation) Marine Gearbox 2GWH-series (twin-engine parallel operation) marine gearbox is of double power input and single power output, and can form main propulsion system together with engine and CPP. Twin-engine parallel operation is more and more used for higher energy saving and safety. Main Features: 1. Possess functions of clutch & de-clutching, speed reduction and bearing propeller thrust; 2. Realize power double input and single output, and intelligent control; 3. Modular design, with PTO and PTI functions; 4. Alternative structure to meet engine room arrangement requirement; 5. Mature and reliable hydraulic control series to satisfy control request on gearbox conditions and multiple clutches; 6. Apply mechanical and automatic control, realizing local emergent control and remote control of the gearbox; 7. Non-standard design is available on request.

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