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Advance Gearbox include Medium Low Power Marine Gearbox, Medium High Power Marine Gearbox, Special Marine Gearbox, Hydraulic Clutch, which are widely used in fishing, transport, working, special boats, ocean large-power vessels and etc. The products are approved by CCS, BV, GL, LR, ABS, NK, DNV, RS and KR Classification Societies. The development and manufacturing capability of the company is in the leading position in the country. It drafted 5 national and industrial standards e.g. JB/T9746.1-2011 Technical Condition of Marine Gearbox, GB/T 3003-2011 Medium-speed Marine Diesel Engine Gearbox. Products are complete in model spectrum, power transmission capacity ranging 10kW~10000kW, in which, GW-series large-power marine gearbox and down-angle transmission yacht gearbox are in international leading level.

Medium-Low Duty

Medium-low duty gearboxes possess the capabilities of ahead and astern, clutching and disclutching, reducing and carrying the propeller thrust. Medium-low duty gearboxes are somewhat new in construction, compact in appreance, reliable in operation, transfer case range from 0.004 kW/rpm to 0.48 kW/rpm, ratios 1.36:1-15.91:1.

Medium-Heavy Duty

Medium-heavy duty gearboxes possess the capabilities of ahead and astern, clutching and disclutching, reducing and carrying the propeller thrust. Transfer case range from 0.278 kW/rpm to 2.05 kW/rpm, ratios 1.54:1-24.37:1. Widely in use on transportation vessels, fishing vessels, coasters and sea-going vessels

Light Duty & High Speed

HCQ/HCA/HCM/HCV series light high-speed marine gearboxes self-developed by the company are designed of power ranging 20kW-2300kW, ratio ranging 1.5-3.5:1 and complete in specifications. Product with ‘Q’ in code is with cast iron housing, with ‘M’ aluminum housing and with ‘A’ and ‘V’ with down angle transmission structure. These products enjoy high market share, are widely used on various yacht, traffic boat, passenger boat. Product design and manufacturing capability are in national leading and international advanced level.

GW Marine Gearboxes

GW gearboxes have 6 series, each of which has 10 models. The GWC, GWD, GWS and GWH have the function of reverse and reduction, and the GWL and GWK without reversing function. Input and output shafts can be arranged coaxial or offset (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). The gearboxes have adapted to combined design, and all running parts have been carefully designed and machined to the highest standards for less wasted fuel, smooth operation which can be fitted to most engine models. GW series has been approved by the classfication societies such as CCS, BV, ABS, LR, DNV&GL etc.

Special Marine Gearboxes

2GWH-series (twin-engine parallel operation) marine gearbox is of double power input and single power output, and can form main propulsion system together with engine and CPP. Twin-engine parallel operation is more and more used for higher energy saving and safety.

Hydraulic Clutches

HCL-series hydraulic clutches apply structure of wet, multiple P/M friction discs, suitable for clutch condition of high speed, load and frequency. On request, mechanical or electrical control is optional. The control system works sensitively, easily realizing remote or automatic control. The product has high universalization, serialization and modularization level. The basic elements such as input coupling, clutch discs, cooler and filter are all mature parts from batch production. Spare parts are of high interchangeability and easy to purchase.

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