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EMAC International Group Introduction VideoOriginating from EMAC International Trade Co., EMAC International Group was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen, the Special Economic Zones of China. EMAC International Group concentrates on providing power driven system solutions as well as complete equipment for transportation, industrial, maritime and energy application fields.

EMAC has been integrating industry leaders including Foton Auto, DCEC (Dongfeng Cummins), CCEC (Chongqing Cummins), Deutz, Sunyear, HSB, Advance and Fast as long-term strategic partners and has gained a solid foundation and excellent reputation for its products and solutions…More

Our Products

Medium-Low Duty Marine Gearboxes

Medium-low duty marine gearboxes possess the capabilities of ahead and astern, clutching and disclutching, reducing and carrying the propeller thrust. Medium-low duty gearboxes are somewhat new in construction, compact in appreance, reliable in operation, transfer case range from 0.004 kW/rpm to 0.48 kW/rpm, ratios 1.36:1-15.91:1. Medium-low duty marine gearboxes series : 06/ 16A/ 26 | 40A | MA | 120 | 135 | 138 | MB | 300 | 400 | 600

Medium-Heavy Duty Marine Gearboxes

Medium-heavy duty marine gearboxes possess the capabilities of ahead and astern, clutching and disclutching, reducing and carrying the propeller thrust. Transfer case range from 0.278 kW/rpm to 2.05 kW/rpm, ratios 1.54:1-24.37:1. Widely in use on transportation vessels, fishing vessels, coasters and sea-going vessels. Medium-heavy duty marine gearboxes series : 800 | 1000 | 1100 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 | 2000| 2700

Light Duty & High Speed Marine Gearboxes

Light duty & High speed marine gearboxes are designed of power ranging 20kW-2300kW, ratio ranging 1.5-3.5:1 and complete in specifications. These products are widely in use on various yachts, traffic boats and passenger boats. Light duty & High speed marine gearboxes series : HCA038A | HC65 | HCQ100/MV100A | HCV120 |HCQ138/HCA138 | 200/201/230 | 300/301/302 | 401/402| 501/502/500 | 700/701 | 1000/1001 | 1400/1401 | 1600/1601

GW Marine Gearboxes

GW series marine gearbox is developed with the introduced technology from LOHMANN Company (German). GW marine gearbox has compact design and wide matching range, rated imput speed is 400-1800r·min-1, ratios 2:1-6:1 and rated transmission capacity(N/n1) 0.257-9.25kW/r·min-1. GW gearboxes have 6 series, each of which has 10 models. GW-series marine gearbox: GWC | GWD | GWS | GWH | QWL | GWK

Special Marine Gearboxes

2GWH-series (twin-engine parallel operation) marine gearbox is of double power input and single power output, and can form main propulsion system together with engine and CPP. Twin-engine parallel operation is more and more used for higher energy saving and safety.

Hydraulic Clutches

HCL-series hydraulic clutches apply structure of wet, multiple P/M friction discs, suitable for clutch condition of high speed, load and frequency. On request, mechanical or electrical control is optional. The control system works sensitively, easily realizing remote or automatic control. HCL Series Hydraulic Clutches: HCL30S | HCL30F | HCL100S | HCL100F | HCL250S | HCL250F | HCL320S | HCL320F | HCL600S | HCL600F

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